The Zqyrfvtkipmg (ZIK-your-FEV-tik-IP-mug) is a very deadly purple floating mutated version of Twitter Alphen. It roams the internet looking for troll faces, selfies, and pictures of Rejako to consume in order to gain power to consume other images. It works like Heartbleed, trying to find any accounts with bad passwords like "password", "12345", "(site name)", ect. to find images in their hard drives, twitter accounts, instagram accounts, ect. to find these certain photos.

It is so dangerous it can turn your computer to what is called a zombie computer, where it just sucks information out of your PC - specifically images of troll faces, selfies, and Rejako that it will turn to stray bits of code in order to consume it and grow larger. The Zqyrfvtkipmg, when desperate, will sometimes look for images of pie, but no specific flavor.

The Zqyrfvtkipmg behaves like an organism. When it is old, it "reproduces" by copying itself into an email and sending it via a tweet, email, ect. and will infect anybody's computer that looks at it. These Zqyrfvtkipmg don't need too many images from the start but will grow increasingly bigger. The only thing that can stop it from reproducing or destroying your new and improved beautiful Spore creation of the Merimr Rejako is THE STRANGEST DUDE IN THE OEFKAJGFAOH.